Welcome to The All Aboard Marine!!

Welcome to The All Aboard Marine!!Welcome to The All Aboard Marine!!

Introducing the All Sweep

The is a brand new addition to the All Aboard transducer mount. It's adjustable shaft takes full advantage of the new update Prescriptive mode  from Garmin. By allowing the transducer to pointed in any angle along with being rotated a full 360 degrees. We now offer The All Sweep as a standard addition to every mount. 


All Aboard Transducer mount

All Aboard transducer mount, Ultrexx,tm mount

All Aboard transducer mount, Ultrexx,tm mount


With the ever changing  advancement of today's sonar technology having the proper mount for your transducer is imperative. That's why we are pleased to offer this all new transducer mount. It's a clamp on accessory that allows you to separate your transducer from the movement of the trolling motor head. Giving you the capability of keeping focused on the structure and the fish you want to catch.  

All Aboard transducer mount, Ultrexx,tm mount

All Aboard transducer mount, Ultrexx,tm mount

All Aboard transducer mount, Ultrexx,tm mount


With the addition of sonar advancement trolling motors are evolving as well. We are pleased to offer a mount specifically for your Minn Kota Ultrexx,tm. Giving you back the capability to use features such as spot lock and still stay focused on the fish you want to catch

About All Aboard Marine


Family owned and operated !!

Growing up in my fathers shop has given me the knowledge and drive to produce the best marine accessories and customer service possible!


Custom mounting options available.

We offer custom mounting options to make your boat ladder custom fit your needs!!


American made quality

Our bass boat ladders are made from only the highest quality billet material and then machined to exact tolerances to ensure years of  trouble free use

Here's what people are saying

 Just wanted to say thanks for the great service and quick shipping on  my boat ladder. Took about 15 minutes to put on and is solid as a rock.   Again thanks David for a great  product. 

Steve Taylor


          Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know my boat ladder arrived in  fine shape. I installed it today, and it looks fabulous! There is no comparison to your product by the other emergency ladders. Thanks for the  great service. 

 Be well, Jerry 

    I was out on the water this evening and jumped overboard to test it  out.  It worked as advertised.  THANK YOU for standing behind your  product.  You are a man of your word and I have nothing but praise for  you and your marine parts.

Thanks again



      Thanks, I received my boat ladder on Friday. I am very impressed. The fit  and finish are excellent. All of your assurances prior to my ordering  were appreciated and spot on.Thanks again.  

George R Willis

David, I received my boat ladder today. Great product, great service. Real American product.

   Thanks Jim

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